Why Marketing Is Essential to 3M Company Organization

The modern concept of marketing holds that the key task of the organization is to determine the needs wants and values of the customers and to adopt the organization to delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than its competitors. There are two key elements in this concept.
Integrating the marking planning and control with those of other departments (like manufacturing, finance purchase, inventory control, personnel research and development) keeping in view the ultimate goal of customers’ satisfaction. It may be noted that the customers expect satisfaction not only in terms of genuine and wholesome products and services but also several other considerations such as the prompt and regular supply of production/services reasonable price, availability of efficient after-sales service and so on.
"Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programmes designed to create, build maintain mutually beneficial exchanges and relationship with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational goals." 3M Company Learning System is a new generation of microcomputer-aided education device that uses an innovative dot matrix coding technology to combine a traditional paper book with microprocessor technology for electronic publishing. The system consists of textbooks printed with dot matrix codes as light background and/or as small icons inserted between texts, an electronic pen with an optical sensor, a hand-held device with a microprocessor, and a flash memory card stored with digital audio contents of paper textbooks. The dot matrix coding system and the speech processing and comparison was first-time innovation that transforms traditional paper books into digital books. As a breakthrough, the 3M Company has adopted the speech recognition technology into an intelligent speech comparison technology and applied it on a single-board microprocessor-based product.&nbsp.