Why Home Educate

There are several reasons why parents choose to educate their children at home rather than then sending them into a public or private school like does the majority of people. Everyone has their own reasons, however, according to the research of the US National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) from 2017 the greatest percentage of parents – 31% have chosen home education because of concerns about environment of other schools (these include safety, drugs or negative peer pressure), while 30% of parents consider home education better way to provide religious or moral instruction to their children. The other most common reason were: dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools (16%), other reasons (9%), physical or mental health problem of a child (7%), and other special needs of a child (7%).

Why Home EducateBesides the most frequent mentioned reasons home education also offer several advantages in compare to traditional education which are worth of considering before making a final decision of future education of a child. Every parent knows his children the best, while home education learning can be easily adjusted to child’s capabilities. It is also much easier for parents to found out what their children are most interested in and if he/she has some special skills or talents which should be further developed. At the same time it is much easier to discover if a child has certain difficulties or problems with understanding certain subject. Thus parents who are educating their child at home on their own have a good insight in their child’s actual knowledge.