When I change my major

When I Changed My Major When I Changed My Major often make wrong choices in their majors for one reason or another. Most students usually change their majors at least once after making their first choices. Shifting from one major to another might be easy or prove to be very difficult depending on the on the majors and the policies of their institutions. Nonetheless, many students usually have a change in mind as they discover more about the career or field that they chose or when they learn about new areas that appear more lucrative. This paper explores why I changed my major and illuminates why most students usually change their majors at some point in their education life.
Since my childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming a successful businessman in my country if not the entire world. I had grown passion for reading business-related articles to expand my knowledge in the filed I considered would significantly shape my future. Consequently, I decided to major in business management during at the beginning of my sophomore year. However, the situation in my country contributed a great deal to the dwindling interest in pursuing business course any further. “Hey, what do you think about pursuing an engineering course?” It was after this statement from a close family friend, rung a bell in my mind that eventually made me to change my major to engineering.
In my country, bio medical engineering graduates have a lot of job opportunities and make handsome cash. Also, they have the opportunity to help the community by preferring to work in hospitals. It has been my dream to engage in activities that give back to the society and I reflected on changing my major to the field of bio medical engineering as a great opportunity to achieve this dream. Now, I cannot be happier knowing that I will soon graduate as a bio medical professional and get numerous job offers in my country and also that it will enable me to help people in hospitals.