What You learned in this class

What I Learned In This Introduction In contemporary essay writing, brilliant formatting and grammar skills is inevitable. Effectively written academic papers attract readers’ interest, address fundamental information of the author, and follows basic writing regulations. Such effective communication through academic papers demands fundamental referencing, formatting, and grammar skills. A good paper addresses the aforementioned requirements besides remaining relevant. In our class, I learnt various technical skills relating to effective academic writing including formatting, referencing, and identifying grammar mistakes. The grammar and referencing skills learnt in class remain fundamental in transforming my writing skills.
Lessons Learnt
The class was significant in enhancing my knowledge in MLA referencing and formatting style. MLA style gives the general guidelines for formatting academic papers and using English language in writing. MLA style enable writers to learn a system for referencing sources through thorough citation in their papers and inclusion of work cited pages. It was encouraging to learn the effective MLA formatting skills including the need for a cover page and inclusion of page numbers. In addition, formatting MLA papers entails good referencing of all information sources used. The use of MLA protects writers from accusation of plagiarism and demonstrates their liability to the source of material. Graduate students should use MLA style to reference their assignments.
Understanding basic grammar mistakes, identification, and correcting them is essential in writing a good academic paper. A good academic paper remains void of grammar errors including spelling, punctuation, and use of tense. In addition, correct and good grammar is imperative in avoiding common mistakes and presenting understandable information. Fluency of an academic paper is indispensable in effective presentation of information to the reader. Besides, proper punctuation with appropriate use of commas and full stops is essential in excellent academic writing. Learning the aforementioned techniques of avoiding mistakes and writing appealing academic paper devoid of grammar mistakes was an imperious milestone in my career. Essentially, the class greatly perfected my writing skills.
Business letter is a portrait of a company, thus it has to look distinctive and present the high-quality nature of the business. Business letters have a standard format and template. The most commonly used format is the block style with text in single space and double space between paragraphs. In addition, the letter must have the sender’s address, inside address, salutation, body text, signature block and an enclosure if there is one.
Research paper writer must have the objective of focusing on the research topic. The outline of the research with the thesis statement is included in the paper. The research paper should have the introduction, body, discussion and conclusion. Movie review assists the learner in understanding the artistic creation work. In addition, movie review enables the learners to be creative and establish new and improved movies.
In conclusion, a good paper should have an excellent format and grammar to enhance its presentation. Formatting the paper is important in business letter writing, research paper writing and establishing a movie review. Moreover, referencing and citing all sources used are vital in avoiding plagiarism issues.