What is the Quran about according to Fazlur Rahmans book Major Themes of the Quran

This paper presents the major Qur’anic themes as Rahman presents theme as they are organized in chapter order.
Rahman synthesizes the major themes logically rather than chronologically and the Quran has been allowed to speak for itself and interpretation has been used only as necessary for joining together ideas. In this classical work, Rahman unveils the Qur’an’s focuses on issues of God, society, revelation, and prophesy in such admirably logical manner (Rahman 6). In other words, Qur’an, which is referred to as the last, revealed Word of God the Book talks about God, His relationship with a man, man-to-man relationship and man relationship with nature. According to Rahman, the Qur’an must always be read with the spirit of wholeness and a sincere attempt to seek pure guidance (Rahman, 5). Additionally, the Holy Book is regarded as a complete code of life taking into account that Islam is but a complete way of human life and so Qur’an is its source of guidance on the mundane lives. Moreover, Rahman explains that the Qur’an’s teachings are not restricted to a particular nation or a specific era but for the global community. The Book provides comprehensive piece of legalization in addition to the moral principles as a way of ensuring cordial human relationship with one another. It also explains the afterlife concept of Eschatology, Satan, and Evil. The Book is organized based primarily on the major themes.
The theme of God opens the first chapter of Rahman’s book discussing the necessity of God, His Unity and its implications. According to him, the Qur’an is a document aimed at man and so it is no treatise about God and His nature. However, the elaboration about God’s existence is strictly functional, in the sense that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe (Rahman 1). Additionally, God judges man either individually or collectively and He metes out to him merciful