What Is Sweet Dreams

A lot is told about magic and fairytales especially during our childhood where a part of each person’s stage would involve storytelling before bedtime and the many mythical beliefs being introduced to each one of us such as the tooth fairy or our guardian angels. What is so amazing about being a kid who is being told of magical stories is that one truly believes that it is so and somehow creates in him or her that faith that everything is possible or can go the way they wanted to even when it is beyond normal. However, as we all grow older, all these are not necessarily forgotten but are now redefined. This means that we accept the fact that we can imagine stories in our minds but aware of the need to wake up to reality. And the nearest thing that would bring us back to a different world of magic would be when we dream dreams.
One common thing between adults and children would be that both dream while they are sleeping. The only difference would be the kind of dreams each person has and of course the effect of dreams to each person. First of all, as an adult, how many times does a normal person dream dreams and what do they commonly dream of? This is the first question I asked myself. Thus, to be able to get a more variety of answers, I have called three of my friends over to a restaurant to catch up over some great milkshake and pizza while asking them about their experiences with dreaming. I chose one girl and one boy of my age and at the same time one girl who is older than I was and was living a different lifestyle than me and my two young friends have. Here I learned from my friend that the number of dreams she would have depended on the major things that have been going on with her life as of the moment. She said, The number of dreams I have depends on the number of major things that have happened to me recently or depends on how many things made me really happy or perhaps extremely sad (Gaffud, J.).nbsp. nbsp.