What has influenced the way I am

However, in order to understand who we really are, it is essential to make an in depth analogy of the above mention human traits. People are different all the time in terms of their emotions, thoughts and one can easily relate to the fact that he or she is not the same person all the time. Our psyche and the attitude individuals have towards life has been shapes by many factors surrounding them as well as their inherited traits. In essence, our mental functions and cognitive behavior originate from our brains which are made from the genetic combinations of our parents. Hence, one cannot neglect the fact that genetics have a role in who we are as individuals. My personality has been influenced by many things which include my family and my community.
When I think of myself as a person the first thing I consider is my values. My general values have been largely influenced by my family as I grew up emulating the way my parents think. Growing up I saw the decisions my parents made and how they approached different situations. I became accustomed to the customs of my parents and their actions and decision making process became a norm in my life. My family is also very cultured and our Hispanic culture has also played a role in shaping my personality as I was raised on these customs. Hence, a large part of who I am and my behavior and attitude towards certain situations is based on my Hispanic culture. In addition, a majority of my friends also have the same culture and were raised on the same principle which is why I have strong ties to this culture. However, due to the diversity in the American society and acculturation, I have been exposed to many other cultures. In addition, my Hispanic culture has assimilated with other cultures making it different to the lifestyle of our people in the past. The partial assimilation that has occurred between the Hispanic and American culture makes me treasure my native culture even more as I now