What Does the Human Rights Act Add to the Protection of the Refugee Convention to Those Who Anticipate Abuse of Their Rights


Persons who are looking for a safe place to enjoy their life and freedoms and in some cases obtain their basic needs, i.e., food, water, education…nbsp. The HRA does not protect a right to basic necessities.nbsp. This essay begins by focusing on founding human rights principles and the central question that will be discussed is. whether the legal framework of human rights, through the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) and the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), uphold the principles that these pieces of the law were founded upon. This is a similar reaction in other European countries and the most prevalent are the Roma Gypsies and Eastern Europeans. the following discussion will consider this case study to show that immigration law can and has been used to assert racist policies by classing them as economic migrants rather than asylum seekers, which means their financial status will exclude them and the persecution does not meet the standard posed by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Natural rights are the basis for the international human rights of today, however, the theory of modern human rights is slightly different as it is no longer purely concerns democratic government, but aims to ensure that gross human rights violations in the world as a whole will be held accountable and hopefully eliminated. Dworkin describes human rights as trumps that indicate a powerful set of principles individuals can rely on to protect them from abuses of these rights, yet his version weak in the sense it was only power over bureaucratic decisions not that of government and law.nbsp. Donnelly also believes that these rights are to be supported as powerful instruments to protect the individual from abuses of a tyrannical government. Peter Jones in Rights contrasted the difference between natural and human rights.nbsp.

The concept of natural rights is tied up in the idea where the citizens gave up to the governing body for the good of law and order and in return, the governments protected and upheld within the law, i.e., Constitutions.nbsp. Therefore the argument of natural rights has now become so diluted that it is no longer an effective model.nbsp.