What are the Most Important Aspects of Zaras

The study reveals that the company remains consistent with its information technology management and also remains focused on its preference for decentralized decision making and speed. Since Zara operates in the retail industry, Information Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in its business activities. Information technology is helping the company to manage queues inside the outlet, control inventory and handle POS-terminals (Point-of-Sale terminal). In addition, IT is playing the all-important role in managing Zara’s online store. The report also uncovered that, with the use of information technology, the company has been able to achieve competitive advantage over its competitors.
One of the key findings of the study is that Zara is using outdated software. According to the technical lead of ZARA, the software may be outdated but is highly stable. However, it has been identified that any changes in the system configuration by the hardware vendors may negatively impact the company’s POS terminal operation. Therefore to get rid of this issue the report has provided some recommendations to the company. These recommendations comprise of how the company can update its software without affecting the stability and easy-to-understand interface.
The study is about analyzing the most important aspects of Zara’s approach to information technology management. Apart from that, the report will also shed light on whether or not these approaches are applicable and appropriate anywhere in the organization. In order to satisfy these objectives, the study will carry out an in-depth analysis of the external business environment of Zara and a brief internal analysis of the company. However, the focus will be mainly on the information technology management of the company. Based on the findings, the report will draw a conclusion and provide some recommendations regarding how to improve the productivity of the company.