Violence and Aggression in Chinese Films


To ensure that the research is effective, children between the age of 4 and 12 years will be selected randomly from a given group of children who are in school within the region of Tucson AZ. Special consideration will be given on personal interests of these children so as to ensure that the research is balanced. Participants will cut across the age bracket and the main purpose of this is to ensure that they at least fall under the four categories of cognitive development that were proposed by Jean Piaget. Each group of participants will contain five children and they will be divided according to their age. Special consideration will be given especially in terms of participation in the research. For all children who will take part in the research, there will be a need to ensure that there is a written consent from their parents allowing researchers to involve them in the research. In addition to that, the levels at which children who are taking part in the research are exposed to violence and aggression will be regulated to ensure that they are not exposed to what is unsuitable to them. In the observation phase of the research, children will be carefully handled to ensure that they don’t injure themselves in the process. To ensure that there is proper control in the experiment, there will be caretakers within to ensure that the needs of children are taken care of at any given time. The objects that children will be given to play with will be purposeful be checked to ensure that they cannot injure them in the process.