Unexpected College Life

I heard that some companies are offering a scholarship for excellent students to study abroad in either in the USA, UK even Japan and Korea. One day, me and my family went to my grandmother’s house and spent the weekend. It is one and a half hour far away in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. There I met my uncles Obaid and Khalid who graduated from the USA as engineers. I have been impressed listening to their stories and college life here in US and it felt like my college life journey already began during that day. Afterwards, I went out to the big garden that is surrounded by the palm trees and took I took a deep breath while I was pondering whether I wanted to study abroad or apply in one of many universities in my country. It was one of the most difficult choice I have to make and I decided to study abroad.
I worked hard in the last semester to raise my grade so that I will have a better chance to be accepted in one of those scholarships that companies offer. As a result, I got a grade of 96.5 when I graduated from high school. I was so happy and my whole family was very proud of me. They prepared a big party for my graduation. I was very happy but I was also concerned about the scholarship so the fun only lasted for a shorted time. I have to apply for my scholarship. I applied for two companies which are National Electronic Security System (NESA) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. My first option was NESA because my best friends also applied for scholarship in the same company and ADNOC was my second option.