Understanding Policy Success

Understanding public policy involves a series of individual values towards the realization of a greater goal. Therefore, unlike Science, public policy is an Art. It is, therefore, prudent for policymakers to adopt measures that put the interests of the entire society at heart.
The basic element of understanding public policy for a better society is communication (McConnell, 2010 p.89). Policymaker ought to adopt a legal approach towards communicating with the members of the society in an attempt to enhance understanding of public policy. If policymakers created channels for communication, the policies implemented would be favorable to all and ensure that all the relevant factors considered.
Policymakers ought to evaluate the effectiveness of policies implemented in terms of their effectiveness towards improving the society (McConnell, 2010). They should install internal control measures to ensure that the policies implemented to achieve the objectives. In addition, policies are similar to projects. every project has a lifespan. The internal controls may include evaluations, audits, and reviews. A policy may not achieve its purpose if it is implemented then ignored. Just as an automobile requires servicing, public policies are reviewed to assess whether they achieve the intended purpose.
Policymakers are entrusted with public resources, and ought to uphold the code of ethical conduct. They can perfect their craft for the betterment of society if they perform their roles in a manner that upholds and respects moral values and public office respectively (McConnell, 2010).