Trickster and Hero

Examples of the modern-day art of tricksters include. ‘bugs bunny by Gary Anderson, ‘what is fight club by Dominic Walter and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean franchise by Captain Jack Sparrow.
Though tricksters are fictional and unrealistic, they are best used in passing information, especially to the young generation. This is because a trickster has a way of capturing the attention of the listener due to the presence of suspense in it. In fact, trickster tales are presented as morality stories for young people, whereby the behavior of the trickster remind them of proper and bad behavior. That is why each trickster tale ends with a moral lesson.
1. MythBusters has something to myths. This is because the hosts of the program use scientific method elements in testing the validity of myths and other literature aspects.
2. Myths are appealing to modern society because they are everywhere across all cultures. Every culture or society has got its types of myths and, often these myths retells of archetypical stories that have slightly changed with time in terms of culture and experiences. This popularity of myths and the way are still read and studied, suggests just how much important myths are in today’s world (Scheub 23-78).
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