The essay Trend Essay – Retro Fashion focuses on the retro fashion. Even famous makers of athletic footwear have begun to produce new lines of ‘retro’ shoes. Anyone who doubts the existing of a retro trend needs to simply visit the internet or pick up a fashion magazine. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to get the look of a particular decade. The term is used in many articles on how to mix new with old garments from the past. It’s not just the styles that are desirable. but the colors as well. Hot pink has definitely made a comeback. Polka dots from the 60’s have found their way back into fashion today. Not only are they found in garments, but also in home decor, such as on pillows and bedding. Retro is a distinctive style that is sometimes classified along with the ‘vintage’ styles. However, it is unique, in that it does not necessarily imply age or an aged look. Vintage, on the other hand, does imply something that is aged. Most people think of vintage as a look coming from the 1920’s through the depression era. Retro is what comes after that period. Though some people tend to mix the terms, Retro has a distinct place in time that it resembles. It represents an era in fashion that influenced garment design, furniture and an overall style. A retro look is not limited to fashion. Brown, et al talk about the term applied to the marketing of products, suggesting it is a trend that reinvents something from a past decade, with a new twist. They give the example of the Volkswagen Beetle.