Treatment for gout arthritis and development of study design

Currently, there is no long term well-coordinated research works that can show how people with knowledge about purine containing foods and keep specific purine diets low and get acupuncture is more successful in reducing contraction of gouty arthritis break outs as compared to colchicine and NSAIDs for male of ages 18-40 tested over a period of 24 moths.
A number of doctors have come out to point out the effectiveness of low purine diet in treatment of gout out breaks. In their handout about purine diet, doctors from Pittsburgh Medical Center describe that low purine diets can reduce contraction of gouts. It is explained that purine containing foods are broken down to form uric acid that is responsible for arthritis. They recommend that low consumption of purine foods lowers the amount of uric acid produced by the body hence this can reduce gout arthritis infections (Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2008).
Since medications are not so effective, reducing the gout arthritis cases. It is recommended that prevention is more effective than cure. In their essay Preventing Gout Attacks, Palo Alto Medical Foundation doctors write that consumption of low fat foods and those with low levels of purine is more likely to reduce accumulation of uric acid. This in turn reduces chances of gout attacks (Palo Alto Medical Foundation, 2011).
This research seeks to give proof that long term maintenance of low diet on purine foods and acupuncture treatment over a period of 24 moths is more effective than the mainstream cures, for instance, patients being administered with NSAIDs and colchicine to reduce break outs of gout arthritis in males aged between 18-40 years. Most of the works done regarding low diet in purine foods is just experimental and more theory. This research seeks to implement the treatment of gout arthritis through diet regulation on purine