Transcending the Compulsion beyond the Counter


Its history and the way fast food chain of restaurants centering the military base since World War II metamorphosed a sleepy and quiet town into one of the most developed and busy townships of United States. With the sprawling employment, more and more interface of the teenagers was noticed in the fast food industry. Behind the Counter examines the effect of the involvement of the teenage folks readily into the growing fast food industry and its effect on the socio-cultural and socio-economic aspects of American society. Behind the Counter from Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal examines the effect of the part-time jobs and the involvement of the teenagers in the fast food industry. This essay intends to explore and examine the effect of the continuing legacy of the contemporary society of America as well. Behind the Counter is a very important and effective chapter that enables the readers to understand the subtleties and intricate relationships between economy, culture, and society. No one can ignore the tremendous power of economy on the development of culture and society and American society is not an exception in this regard. In this chapter, tracing the development and inception of a city which flourished holding the hands of the fast-food chain of restaurants examines how the teens are predominantly converted into the workforce that kept the fast food industry alive. Focusing on the working conditions of these teens, Schlosser also draws attention on the way these part-time jobs into the counters of the fast-food centers interfere in their education and explains the adverse effects of their spending of money.