Psychology: Fifth grade should be in a position to produce a well-developed and organized writing containing a body, an introduction and a conclusion. Vital structural and organization elements include writing the main thing in the first paragraph, attaching new paragraphs to what is related to the main topic. Understanding major subtopics and ideas in writing relates to comprehension reading skills that students must spot to main idea in order to summarize ideas. A well-organized and developed writing should be given to students to help them in evaluation before writing.
In the fifth grade, learning correct spelling and grammar plays a major role in writing. Crucial grammatical lesson for this graders include sentence fragment, run-on sentence, verb agreement, consistent and correct verb tense use, capitalization and punctuation. Moreover, on the feedback of the teacher on written assignments, learners get spelling and grammar skills through activities like bees and spelling quizzes, grammar worksheets and reading assignments, games and activities (McMahon amp. Wells, 2013)
The learners in 5th grade should take part in peer workshop where they critique and edit each other’s work. When they point out errors in others’ work can help them identify in theirs too. The learners at this stage should engage in rewriting, editing, revising and planning to improve their writing skills. According to teaching, the key element of writing in 5th grade is preparing learners for standard testing. Students should be able to respond to a prompt within a given period of time and give a well thought and structured response after reading a passage. Therefore, the above activities should be taken into consideration for a learner in this grade to have better grammar and writing skills.
Susan I. McMahon, Jacqueline Wells, 2013. Teaching Literacy in Fifth Grade. Guilford Publications