To apply Msc of Statistics

Admission Essay RE: Application for Master of Science (Statistics) I am writing to apply for Msc. Statistics in the Graduate School of University of Toronto to enable me further my post-graduate studies. I anticipate graduating with bachelors degree in Finance (major) and statistics (minor) awarded on merit from Sad Diego State University.
The description for admission requirements for Masters in Statistics course by this university best suits my qualifications and experience. I am passionate about studying at the University of Toronto since its geographical location is of much interest to me as I enjoy the climatic condition in Canada. I also have huge admiration for the Canadian culture and staying studying there would enable me explore and appreciate it more. The university also stands on a high mound in professional training and research indulgence. This university has a reputable image and I would be quite humbled to associate with the super-standard institution.
My high competence, exemplary academic qualifications and extensive experience in Finance and Statistics make me a better candidate for this admission. As indicated on my attached documents, I have unswervingly pursued my studies in Finance and Statistics with great determination and enthusiasm. I expect to graduate with an overall GPA of 3.4. an indication of my potential in exploiting deeper levels in this discipline. Masters in Statistics will meet both my long-time and short-time goals and lighten my business career. I have enormous experience in the business field as I have worked as an accountant assistant and studied other business related courses.
With the description given above, I implore the institution to offer me a chance to study and I will practically prove what I have. I appreciate your time and look forward to your positive response.