The Two Faces of Leadership

In addition, it must be said that now scientific concepts of leadership have focused on the impact of a leader’s behavior on the company’s performance.
Some people can argue that the main priority has been given to the leadership, and the study of entrepreneurship has grown in recent years, the study of entrepreneurs as leaders is a gap in both bodies of knowledge. As it is sited in Miller and Friesen`s work. “the call for expanding the study of leadership within the context of newer, smaller, organizations has existed for a number of years’, to date little research has emerged. The purpose of this study is to begin to fill this gap by examining the impact that the emerging process of authentic leadership (may have on the employees of founders of newer, small businesses. After a brief review of the meaning of authentic leadership and its application within the context of relatively new, small businesses, the methods, results, and implications of our study of the impact that employees’ perceptions of the founder as an authentic leader has on their job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and happiness at work is presented.
What is an authentic leader? In recent years, positive psychology (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, 2000. Sheldon and King, 2001. Snyder and Lopez, 2002) has emerged to counter the prevailing negativity in the field by looking at what is right (rather than dysfunctional) with people and emphasizing and building strengths rather than trying to fix weaknesses.&nbsp.