The Strategy Management Consulting Industry

Market imperfections such as information asymmetry and buyer-power surpass those of scale economies and tacit collusion that are usually witnessed in an oligopoly market structure of this nature.
The parametric growth process of this industry has evolved through a highly complex, volatile and strategically important space-time dimension. In this context, the survival of the average firm in a chaotic environment depends on both known and unknown macrocosmic and microcosmic factors or variables (e.g. Porter’s five forces) which in turn have to be determined to make a reasonable assessment of the outcomes. Thus it necessitates a paradigm construct to delineate all its leveraged phases of growth.
The strategic management consultancy industry is a service-based industry with a range of functional level deliverables made available through process control systems, interfaces, seamless integration techniques, and end-user product deliveries. Thus its scope and depth require a highly sophisticated technological environment for communication and encryption. For instance, Accenture is a global strategic management consultancy firm with branches in a number of countries. Its clientele includes such global giants as Siemens Networks, Pfizer, Vodafone, and Best Buy. Its service focus includes management strategy, supply chain management, finance &amp. performance management, customer relationship management, process &amp. innovation performance and talent &amp. organization performance ( The range of services delivered mostly through the internet is not only versatile but also technically sophisticated.
Accenture operates on a multilevel platform of management service architecture and strategic orientation constructs as a provider of custom-made performance solutions. This operational parameter requires it to position itself against similar competitors in the industry at all levels of operations.&nbsp.The strategic external environment here poses a series of threats (or challenges) and opportunities to the service provider. It’s this strategic competitive environment that needs an in-depth evaluation here.&nbsp.