The Stoics believed that it was important that one’s emotional state not be impacted by one’s circumstances whether they be good or bad Why did they feel this way What is a possible benefit of living this way What is a potential pitfall

Your full full September 25, Philosophy – Emotional Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy the roots of which date back to the 3rd century BC. The believers of this school of philosophy believed that it is important that ones emotional state should not be influenced by his/her circumstances regardless of the nature of those circumstances. They had a strong belief about the existence of the link between destructive emotions and judgment errors that a person can make because of his/her circumstances. Therefore, they believed that a person should not modify his/her emotional state because of the internal and external circumstances as it can lead to the destruction of whole society.
The main benefit of living this way is the development of a peaceful society. This occurs when people living in a society do not impose the severity of circumstances on their emotional state. It is very easy to understand that when people do not disturb their emotional state because of their situations, emotional stability, peace, and tranquility prevails everywhere in the society which is a very positive aspect of Stoicism school of philosophy. The potential pitfall in living this way can be the emotional immobility for situations which demand a person to show related emotions. However, this is just a potential pitfall which cannot overshadow the benefits of living in accordance with the Stoicism school of philosophy.
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