The Principles of Medical Ethics

Ethics is defined as “a major branch of philosophy, is the study of values and customs of a person or group. It covers the analysis and employment of concepts such as right and wrong, good and evil, and responsibility. It is divided into three primary areas: meta-ethics (the study of the concept of ethics), normative ethics (the study of how to determine ethical values), and applied ethics (the study of the use of ethical values).
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.If we are to look into euthanasia as a medical dilemma both ethically and morally, there are a lot of premises that would suggest how this kind of practice in medicine contradicts both ethics and morality. It is an established fact that medicine exists to develop and prolong life. If this premise is indeed the reason why medicine practice exists, then euthanasia must be avoided.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. However, there are claims and premises that suggests Euthanasia as a medical practice benefits the patient, the family and the doctors or in some instances, all of them. Though beneficial or not, there are medical people who are affected by this kind of occurrence. In this case, nurses are the ones who are seen and seem to feel the effects of it. There are a lot of instances wherein nurses are the ones who are instructed to conduct the said practice as ordered by the doctors and in this case, nursing as a profession also have the dilemma in initiating and doing such a practice in most of the hospitals. In contrary to the belief of many wherein nurses must abide by the instructions of the doctor, such a practice also affects nurses and nursing as a profession. In line with this Dyer (1999) uttered that “A slow, painful, undignified death is a fate that most of us would not wish on our worst enemies. Proponents for assisted suicide argue that suffering in dying is a plight that many doctors and nurses force on their unwilling patients. When a patient dying of an incurable disease begs for a quick and easy death, how should health professionals respond? The question of assisted suicide, and in particular the nurse’s role in assisted suicide, is a topic that concerns all nurses.