The MBL Network System Automatic CAD and CAM System’s Implementation

In this report, I will present a detailed analysis of My-Briefcase Limited (MBL) adoption of new technology-based information management. I will also discuss the implementation of the new automatic production system implementation scenario. The main aim behind this automation in information management, product design and production is to get a better way for the overall organizational management. This new technology will provide an enhanced way for product design and development. In this report, I will describe an overall information flow among the different departments and structures of the organization. In this report, I will also talk about the implementation of the CAD/CAM systems for better organizational management.

As technology advances, it offers better ways for overall information management and organizational administration. My-Briefcase Limited (MBL) has started as a small company but through maintaining its good customer service and quality of products, now they have become a huge organization. To achieve a better completive edge and effective organizational management My-Briefcase Limited has decided to implement a new better working information management system. This system will facilitate in approximately all areas of the organization, like that in production, manufacturing, designing, and delivery.

As the Business Systems Analyst, I will describe the basic motives and scenarios behind the implementation of the MBL information system. The main purpose of this section is to analyze the main advantages, information flows and associations of the new purposed information system for the MBL. This information system is basically developed for senior management and line management. This information system is planned to serve as the main platform for the higher administration to manage and handle the information system of the organization. Here I will talk about the workings of MBL and flows of information between different departments.nbsp.