The Lottery by Jackson Shirley

The game of selective homicide begins and the main culprits get somewhat backing from the other villagers as if it were a status issue. Analyzing this lottery, Jackson describes the events of sacrifices and states, It would seem, therefore, that the lottery is tied to the people’s work ethic and productive way of life. (Jackson, 23)
Real-Life Example
I could correlate this story with a real event in my locality. One day, the police arrested a couple of Mr and Mrs Gomes who lived in an apartment near our house. Later, we realized that Mr Gomes had charges on him of physically abusing his stepdaughter. And to our horror, we also realized that Mrs Gomes had supported her husband in doing this.
Thus, instead of protesting, Mrs. Gomes took part in the exploitation of the poor girl. Maybe, this was an attempt on her part to maintain her status in the household and impress her husband, since he was the only earning member.
The Lottery is actually a serious literary work that tries to discover why we sometimes form institutions and enjoy humiliating others through it. It is not merely a nice TV show script … It provides a gateway towards complicated psychoanalysis.