The Legalization of Drugs

The drug-dealers spoil the whole society in order to make dirty money. According to the human psychology of basic nature, people do not start big in terms of criminal and drug usage as well. In this way, they have to hold the gun in early days to become a professional hitter in the later years so legal mechanism attempts to kill the evil in the bud because over there, it is easy to control and manage.
The law enforcement related series have caused the crime rates to drop significantly in recent years because the audience has developed a belief that perfect crime is an impossibility and they make a conscious effort to remain out of trouble. The legal rules act on the basis of fear in order to motivate the general public to stay away from criminal activities. The fear can be a strong motivator, and humans do not perform those activities with, which they have a realization that serious ramifications are attached to those choices in the long-run perspective. The life of crime can be very hard for innocent souls, and therefore, many of them can throw-up in the early stage of their crime lives (Hopfer, 00). However, many people have a tendency to quit illegalities at the first sign of trouble because they do not have the hearts to risk their whole lives in order to prove their manhood to the world. Additionally, the strength of law and order does not let anyone take affairs in their own hands, and the legal system of the developed nations has a record of being ruthless and strict towards those who have committed crimes regardless of nature and magnitudes of the actions.
In this way, fear is the defining element of modern legislation, and the system is working quite well with reference to its efficiency in catching all types of&nbsp.criminals.