The Individual and the Pattern of Culture by Ruth Benedict

Early on, one was oriented to assume an open-minded orientation to embrace other people from various cultural orientations. The support for pursing greater knowledge and awareness on diverse cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds have made me acceptable of cultural diversity and enhanced one’s ability to be receptive, flexible, adaptable, and easy to adjust to the changing demands of the times.

I firmly believe that despite exhibiting consistencies in one’s conformity to retain cultural traditions and beliefs, I am open to accepting living in new cultures anywhere in the world. As such, I do not feel alienated or pressured to live in a new culture as an outsider. I can live with people from different cultures anytime. However, this does not mean that I completely lose my cultural underpinnings. I still retain the traditional values and beliefs that have been ingrained since one’s childhood. But, while living in a new culture, I get to adapt and adjust to those that could be accommodated, without compromising personal values and philosophies in life.