The Ideal Society

Thus, in this regard, it can be affirmed that the roles of criminal justice system are also getting extended with the increase in the aforesaid factors (Hargraves, 2006. Davis, 1983).
The different factors that are related to an ideal society, which comprise equality, justice and liberty are found to be interrelated with each other. This can be justified with reference to the fact that in order to maintain the balance of equality amid the people in a society, justice plays an indispensable role. In this regard, justice not only tends to punish a culprit but also provides the right judgment to the right one and maintains discipline in a society. Apart from these factors, the role play by the police, respective governments and military also contribute in forming an ideal society. The government, judicial, police and military are regarded as the legal representatives that possess certain constitutional rights (Hargraves, 2006. Davis, 1983).
With this concern, the essay intends to discuss about various important aspects that contribute in establishing an ideal society and also a comparison will be made amid these factors to acquire a brief understanding about the current criminal justice system prevailing in a society.
While discussing about the characteristics of law as well as order in an ideal society, it will be vital to mention that the prime intent of law is to keep a particular society running with following certain effective legal guidelines. Specially mentioning, to maintain harmony in a society, both law and order needs to be maintained at the optimum level. To make an ideal society, a society needs to be crime free. Thus, to attain this objective, the notion of criminal law and criminal justice system plays an imperative role. In this modern day context, the main feature of criminal justice system is observed to be prohibiting the conduct of illegal