The Hitachi Group

Hitachi Group is doing business in various fields from social infrastructure to home appliances, materials, logistics, and services (Vision, 2007).

Hitachi works on the corporate philosophy of contributing the society through technology. Its founding philosophy The Hitachi Spirit is important even in this day and age. The Hitachi Group includes many business divisions and companies, and many technologies, products and solution technologies in electronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology specializing in information systems, electronic devices, power, and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, and financial services. With its headquarters in Japan, it has a global reach and spans across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Hitachi is an enterprise with high potential and caters to the diverse needs of society.
The brand message that Hitachi carries is Inspire the next. This has great significance. ‘Inspire’ comes from the Latin word spirare which means to invigorate, to breathe in, to encourage or to uplift the spirit (Brand, 2007). After next nothing has been added to allow the stakeholders and others interested in the company to imagine and fill up the blanks which could range from society to system.

Hitachi was founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira as an electric repair shop and moved on to manufacturing electric motors (History, 2007). By 1915 it had completed 10,000 hp (7,355 kW) water turbines. The first large-scale DC electric locomotive was manufactured in 1924 and the first refrigerator in 1932. it then went in for water turbines and set up the first large-scale cold strip mill by 1954. At the World Exposition in Brussels in 1958, the company launched the electron microscopes. It introduced the first electronic computers based on transistors in 1959. The company then diversified into monorails and elevators and in y mid-70s it had released the first series of general-purpose large-scale computers.