The Forbidden Love Story In A Rose for Emily

Order # :186315 The Forbidden Love Story In A Rose for Emily A Rose for Emily depicts the love story of Emily Grierson and Homer Barron. The affair began after the death of

Miss Emilys father for he, being a dictator, doesnt want her to engage in any relationship to a young man in the town of Jefferson. Emily was loved by many men of the town but they were all forced by her father. (Collected Stories,1995) She feels that she has no freedom at all.

Through the years, the influence of her father affects her mental state. Hence, she doesnt recognize nor accept the death of his father even after his burial. She couldnt accept the fact that every man in this world has an end. She keeps on denying the reality that the world is changing. What remains in her mind is the illusion that her father is still alive and has the control over her. At one event with the townpeople, she even told them that his father is alive and kicking. Miss Emily met them at the door, dressed as usual and with no grief on her face. She told them that her father was not dead…Just as they were about to resort to law and force, she broke down, and they buried their father quickly. (Brooks and Warren,1959)

The death of her father, although it creates a terrible anguish in her heart give her the signal to exercise her freedom. Thirty years later when she met Homer Barron—the love of her life. As the reader is told, Miss Emily was loved by many men of the town. Therefore it is not surprising that a man like Homer would fell in love with Emily. On the other hand, her only desire is to find infinite happiness in life and he found it within this man. In short, the two get married. Her decision to settle down was good enough for she knows no one can control her.

The relationship could be somewhat strange but the revelation that she kills her husband is not so surprising. The fact that she suffers from severe trauma and mental insanity , she could commit such criminal act. Her acceptance of illusion and denial of reality only shows that she is out of her mind. Even until her death, anguish and suffering still remains. After Miss Emily died, the townpeople had to go remove her body. The unsuspecting thing that happened in her house was that she had been sleeping with Homers old decayed body for many years. Even after she kills Homer Barron, she sleeps with his corpse – something that did not bother her at all. (Death As Central Theme In A Rose for Emily.)

Faulkner wants his readers to understand that Emilys life is like a rose. A rose, particularly a red rose can represent many things such as love or hatred. Her relationship with her father and her lover can be compared to a red rose. She loves her father so much that she couldnt accept his death. The way he treated her is the main reason why oftentimes this love turns to hatred. She thought her father is ihumane that he doesnt want her to seek her own happiness.

Her marriage to Homer Barron is a dream come true for her. At last her wish to love and be loved came into reality. Emilys love for her might be a true love but because of her situation, she killed him without knowing it.

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