The Fandom of Twilight

According to the essay findingsnbsp.adolescents appear to be the group of population that is most exposed to the influences from media, and lion’s share of attention of research is given to this specific group. This phenomenon is furthermore emphasized by the precedents of the latter decades, when such franchises as Star Track, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc. have formed the tendency of popularization of geek and fan culture. However, even with these fandoms at hand, an absolutely exquisite phenomenon of the Twilight saga still stands on its own as it does not fit in the framework of any other franchises yet creates the pattern for the new type of fandom to emerge.nbsp.
This discussion highlights thatnbsp.there were several recurring ideas that all studies seemed to be pondering about. This major idea is focused on the attempts to understand the fandom of Twilight as an integral cultural phenomenon from the variety of positions that the authors of the researches have taken. In order to achieve the primary goal of explanation of popularity of Twilight, the scholars indicate the necessity of researching the fans themselves as an integral part of the phenomenon.nbsp.General thoughts on the subject unfortunately are disappointed in their evaluation of the critical thinking and overall cultural literacy that the franchise delivers to its audiences.nbsp.The sources chosen for this essay are clearly organized by shared ideas and topics discussed.