The Experiences of the Black People in the United States

Racism has many everyday meanings based on the usage that arises. This concept of racism loads negatively in the minds of the people in both moral and political aspects. Therefore, this may make one subjected to immoral and unworthy subjection due to the claim of them raising a racist opinion. It is not easy to define this item broadly for it then stands to purport that all people are racists. It is also not easy to define it simplistically as this means that many racially related features get votes as legitimate (Miles and Malcolm 18). Racism has much of a political relation than economic. Many political interventions have existed, uprisings leveled against the politically sided individuals that led to movements connected to race and color. The economic aspects relate much to the results of the political actions on the economic situation in the country.
Amiri Baraka in his play the Dutchman centralizes his argument on the difficulties of becoming a man in the United States. He relishes his ideas from the Black arts movement and the Beat poets. In the Beat poets, Gregory Corso expresses style and defines other features in a poetic mannernbsp.that seems not to reflect on a particular item of discussion. As in the poem Poets Hitchhiking on the Highway, he expresses a style of writing that displays the art of criticism in a more representative method rather than directly expressing it. Amiri Baraka, on the other hand, speaks of blacks as the group that finds difficulty in living within the state of white dominance. He reveals that masculinity is the difficulty of proving manhood in a place where people have divergent opinions overall matter. He says, Dutchman is about the difficulty of becoming a man in America. It is very difficult to be sure. if you are, black, but I think, it is much harder to become one if you are white.