The Differences between Marketing as a Philosophy

Marketing revolves around the entire business. The marketing penetrates in all areas of the business. All the business activities from purchases t till display all revolves around marketing. Marketing as a philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction and it does not focus on earning the profits. It can be done for social welfare. It can be done for customer orientation. The philosophy is to meet and satisfy the desires of the customers. However, marketing as a set of business activities is a totally different concept. Its basic aim is to earn a profit. Though the marketing manager in any enterprise focuses on customer’s needs and desires their aim is to earn a profit and they were not doing marketing for the social or charitable purpose. So marketing is also a philosophy to satisfy the customer’s desires simultaneously it is a set of business activities to earn a profit. And in this way, both these terms are related to each other.
They have to look for the brands which are on top, commodities which are in fashion and which gives them a nice and trendy look. No matter the consumer is buying clothes or accessories or household items. Except for groceries and necessities the consumer is going trend conscious. This brings lots of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Now they focus more on producing trendy and in fashion products for the consumers. For this, they have to work aggressively on their markets strategies. Furthermore, the managers have to work hard to market their products as now the consumer focus on every little detail the company is offering in its product. The consumer looks at the design, availability, price, trends of the products. However, it opens the doors for the service industry as many people are offering their service to literate people about the trends in the market. This business is boosting up rapidly. In short, the socially conscious consumers are aware of his social values and now focus more on it while purchasing any product which brings many opportunities and threats for many businesses.&nbsp.