The Creek War

The purpose of the Creek War was to liberate the Native Americans from the dominance of Whites and return them to the traditional lifestyles of their culture. Another reason which stimulated this civil war is believed to be a major earthquake happened during this period. The earthquake caused severe damages to the Native Americans. They were already suffering severe exploitation from the Whites. The earthquake forced them to think terms of the necessities of liberating their culture from the dominant Whites.

On February 13, 1813, a small group of Native Americans called Red Sticks killed two families of the White community. On July 21, 1813, the official war between Native Americans and the American military has started. This war lasted for more than a year and on August 9, 1814, Creeks forced to sign the peace treaty, conceding half of Alabama and part of southern Georgia to the American government.
In short, the creek war caused severe damages to the Native Americans and they forced to surrender a major portion of their land to the American government.