The Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Benefits of Virtual Meetings Grade 28 June Benefits of Virtual Meetings Virtual Meetings are a trend that developed as a result of the advancement in technology, as they allow participants who reside and work in different geographical locations to hold their meetings without travel, over the internet. The users see and hear each other as if they are in the same room, and any user can share any information they have on their computer, ranging from text, audio or video with any other participant in the meeting. As such, many people consider the use of virtual meetings advantageous. However, there are several demerits that limit the use of virtual meetings. By comparing the merits with the demerits, business people can determine the viability of using a virtual meeting platform.
The benefits of Virtual Meetings include.
Travel – Virtual meetings negate the need to travel, saving days out of the work week that would have otherwise been sent traveling abroad to present reports. The removal of travel costs also makes the method less expensive.
Improvement in B2B businesses – The use of virtual meetings makes it easy for businesses to set up a cordial working relationship, as the virtual meetings encourage constant interaction. As a result, the relationships between businesses improve, and trade blossoms (Wilson, Valencia amp. Smith-Bindman, 2014).
The disadvantages of Virtual Meetings include.
Cost and learning curve – Not all people or businesses can afford to set up an effective Virtual Meeting system. Even when they afford, getting the best out of the virtual meeting program will take a lot of time to familiarize (Wilson, Valencia amp. Smith-Bindman, 2014). AS such, it can get on the nerves of those who have short tempers, or even embarrass them.
Participation Values – The use of Virtual Meetings does not assist the people who have problems with participation. In fact, the performance of such people lowers when they use a Virtual Meeting medium. As such, it may not assist in bringing the best results.
As such, it becomes evident that Virtual Meetings have their advantages and disadvantages. However, an assessment of the demerits reveals that they can be easily dealt with if the system is created in an organization, through training. As such, I would recommend businesses to consider them medium as an effective communication tool.
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