Telemedicine for Diabetes Management

Clinical management of chronic diseases has been made possible through the use of telehealth remote monitoring techniques. Considering the case of the United States, there are millions of people who are patients of Diabetes Mellitus (Stachura amp. Khasanshina, n. d., p. 9-11). For these patients, the primary treatment includes the insulin therapy that enables the normal control of sugar level in the body. This therapy is known to give effective results accompanied with lesser complications and costs. Improvements through telehealth care or remote monitoring have been obtained since the technique assists individuals in gaining proper knowledge regarding the disease as well as the self-management processes that they can follow for their effective treatments. The positive results are gained through the improved psychology of the patients concerning the disease thus improving their self-monitoring. This would include monitoring the blood glucose levels and accordingly taking preventive measures such that the patients can be protected from the high levels of glucose (Stachura amp. Khasanshina, n. d., p. 9-11).
The technique of telemedicine has the ability to improve the logic and reasoning of patients in relation to the disease and its care. The process of communication enhances the level of confidence of the individuals on the technique and patients are also well-informed about the details of the disease and its treatment. Telemedicine improves the access of the patients to specialists and the relation is promoted more towards a positive level of confidence. The greater number of interactions influences an understanding between the two parties that assist the patients to believe in the motives of the technique and thus learn the self-management practices (Po, 2000, p. 264).
The practice of telemedicine is significantly focused on improving the care provided to the patients. Not only are the advanced technologies being used for the purpose, but the difficulties of the patients, for example in reading or following instructions, are also effectively considered.