Technology and Humans

The more human the computer is, the more successful the inventors are at technological innovation. However, up until this moment, the Turing test has determined that no computer has completely fulfilled the mark of being completely human.

This brings forth the question of what exactly humanity is. There are certain aspects that define humanity. aspects which of all creation, only a human being could bear (Colatrella,11). Before the invention of computers, there were certain elements that were defined as being human. Outside the world of technology, there are certain attributes that are acknowledged as human nature. For instance, it is common knowledge that human beings are prone to error. It is also common knowledge that human beings are defined by and constantly display their emotions. the heart overrides the mind. Computers have redefined this. The technological world has its own idea of what it means to be human. Seeing this as a technological era, human beings are now being challenged out of humanity as they see it into humanity, as the technological world perceives it.

It appears that human beings are being beaten at being human by the machines that they have invented. Recently, computers missed a win in the Turing test, which is held annually, by one vote. Computers have become so great at mimicking attributes and conversation techniques that they are now much better humans than actual human beings (Crocker, 25). Brian Christian has gone the extra mile to try to understand what it is that defines humanity in the 21st century. He studied the artificial mannerisms that have been taken up to understand the upgrading of human nature by computer systems. He successfullynbsp.illustrates that human beings are still much better at being human than modern-day computer systems.