Studies have shown that alcoholism imposes significant costs not only on the individual drinker but on society Identify the economic costs of alcoholism on society and examine whether or not a governments policy of increasing the age limit might signi

All this insinuates that every government should put as much efforts in imposing stringent strategies that can reduce alcoholism in the society since it has significant impact on the economic state of a country. Imposing a government policy, which increases the age limit, for alcohol consumption, should be considered a successful way of significantly reducing these economic costs. This essay provides an allegory of economic cost associated with alcoholism and the impact of government’s policy of increasing the age limit.
As for health care cost, it represents 14.3% of the resulting total economic cost from alcohol abuse. In which case, the category compiles costs arising from alcohol use disorders, which are treatment and dependence. Treatment cost, associated with alcohol abuses, arise from costs associated with various treatment settings, providers of treatment, pervasive health consequences (Carpenter amp. Dobkin, 2009, 168). All the aforementioned factors, in one way or another, usually forces the abuser to spend a given amount that may have been avoided. Most of these costs are evident in community based clinics such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals and outpatient clinic. Conclusively, the alcoholic abusers will at once in a lifetime visit these settings for treatment of alcohol use disorder (Zachry et al, 2002, 410).
Further, the health care cost category is also supplemented by cost incurred in training for counselors and professionals dealing in prevention and treatment of the disorders. Intuitively, economic cost impact of healthcare system directly affects government spending. This is because much money has to be directed towards carrying research on the possible treatment and prevention (Hoffmann, 2012, 24). Prolific examples of diseases associated to alcohol abuse, such as liver diseases, stroke and trauma, have all triggered many studies. This is a clear representation of the cost impact caused by alcohol on the