Strategic Objectives of Berkshire Capital

Specific service in these domains offered by the firm includes private placements, mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures, strategic alliances, corporate finance advice, strategic advisory, and valuation services. The firm specializes in providing Mergers and Acquisition services in the financial sector.
As mentioned earlier the partners will decide the strategic direction of the firm and will later pass it on to the strategic departments. One of the departments will be the Human Resource Department, which will incorporate the directions from the partners in the High-Performance Work System. This system after analyzing what is expected from it will make recommendations with regards to the necessary steps that should be taken by the Human Resource Department, in order to achieve those strategic objectives. Some of the Strategic Objectives might be:
As the company is operating in the capital and asset management industry and is providing services to several organizations, the company should have a strong HR department in order to manage the human capital of the organization. The goal or target of the HR department is to facilitate the overall operations of the organization by providing all departments and units with the required talent and employees. The aim behind the reward strategy is to motivate and encourage the HR personnel in order to perform their functions of HR planning and employee resourcing in an effective and efficient manner.
Although Berkshire Capital is amongst the top league of industry participants, it still has to pay competitive wages in order to avoid the brain drain phenomenon from its organization. In such a competitive and skill and knowledge-driven industry, good talent is very difficult to replace. And therefore if the company wants to keep achieving landmarks set by the board of partners, it needs to retain top-notch talent in it.