Statistics for Quality Management

The main perspective of this assignment is to analyse the issue initiated in the study related to accounting and its related software. The study which has been associated with the same is defining the importance of ERP on the functions of an organisation. It is required to initiate the problems, identified in the study, and specifically defined the concept of ERP in particular. Before going in the further details in the assignment, it is important to define about the ERP in particular and then move towards the main theme of this paper.
Dragon Oil is a private individual company and considered as the well recognized individual in the exploration of oil and gas along with manufacturing activities across the globe. The company’s headquarter is located in Dubai and is enlisted in the stock exchange of Ireland. The company came into existence with the name Oliver Prospecting amp. Mining Co. Limited in Ireland by the year 1971. The company was then come up with new plans and strategies along with new name Dragon Oil in 1993 and executed heavy investment in the oilfield of Cheleken. ENOC evolved a major venture by 1998. During the period 2005 to 2005, the Dragon oil did an extensive increment in capital for more exploration while observed a net income of around US$ 648.4 by 2012.
The process flow of the company is highly sophisticated comprises on different department and software implementation. The implementation of ERP becomes one of the dominant processes for the company as a whole.The acronym of ERP is Enterprise Resources Planning and it is known as one of the most essential tools or software which can assist an organisation from different perspectives and angles. ERP integrates the system that usually associated with the internal and external management of information within the premises of an organisation (Buljevich, E amp. Park, Y 1999).
ERP system is one of the most sophisticated systems for the organisations as a whole as it