Some Marketers Believe That The Customer Is Always Right

It is evident that all of these approaches cannot be regarded as the most effective strategy. Of course, all of them are to be observed and used while planning company’s future. It seems that the third one provides the most favourable basis for creating effective strategy, but it also should be examined and completed.
Management is an integral part of the modern society’s activity. It is connected to all fields of activity and that is why it is necessary to know as much as possible about its laws and specificity. The directive philosophy in any strategic management development, no matter in the public or in private sector, are about appreciating what changes are required, how to realize and run these changes, and how to produce a schedule for supporting betterments that lead to better presentation.
The problems of relationship between economy and ethics are examined and discussed by many scholars at present. More and more experts say about conflicts between these two spheres. But recently some of the most talented economists started to address most relevant problems in society at present. (Hunger)
One of the founders of modern economics, Alfred Marshall wrote in his book that poverty and its elimination "give to economic studies… their chief and their highest interest". (qtd in Kabodian)But a complex structure of global economical processes today demonstrates that up-to-day ethical reflection is problematic today. And the statement of various economists to be occupied with making social "value-free" science, became a reason for ethicists and average customers to start a dialogue. (Kabodian)
Amartya Sen, a scholar who was awarded Nobel Prize in Economics for establishing links between economy and ethics, states that economic strategies and methodologies are to be estimated in terms of their influence on the ability of individuals to function successfully in the society they belong to. This author points out that individuals should be treated as the agents of morality, possessing such features as responsibility, ability and freedom. The purpose, as defined by this author, is to view economic sphere and all other aspects of life through the scope of moral perspective. He adds the following remark on this topic: "What matters, finally, is how we see each other." (qtd in Hicks)
It is not a secret that people are regarded and treated as customers within contemporary society. This concerns not only the sphere of consumption, but many other spheres of life, even those that are far from economy and finance. As Maier states, "In the business sector itself, "customer service," "customer satisfaction," and "customer loyalty" have become watchwords for marketing and strategic growth practices. From their market-based home, these concepts have seeped into other sectors". That is why understanding and evaluating the concept "customer is always right"