Sexual Ethics and Various Reactions from Different Kinds of People

Meanwhile, others think that sex is a mere demonstration of one’s physical desires or lust that it may be done without any affection for the other person at all. This group of individuals thus believes that polygamy is but a course of nature that should not be taken personally against them. Consequently, some people believe that sex is necessary to keep a relationship strong while the others consider sex to be part of human nature.
In the same way, when sex is related to ethics, it becomes a controversial issue because it will then lead to what will be considered proper and improper when it comes to sexual conduct. Whether individuals accept it or not, this widespread issue has already affected everyone in the world. Men and women alike are confronted with the ongoing dilemma of sexual ethics. Even homosexuals and prostitutes are also affected by this predicament. This subject has also been introduced to the world’s young generation, in one way or another.
The fact that most people have access to the television, radio, newspaper, the world wide web and other sources available to man, technology has made it easy for anyone to acquire information regarding the sexual revolution. In addition, religious groups have been quite strong in their stand in a number of moral issues that sexual ethics is an easy target.
In the article, Goldman did a good job identifying the main points in his essay. He well-represented sex, reproduction and love as the initial factors of what the society thinks about sexual ethics. He defined clearly what the differences are for each word by incorporating the views of the public, the Christian society and the mass of critics.
Goldman recognized that there is no right or wrong answer when looking in depth on a person’s enjoyment of sex, may it be due to love, simple reproduction or other reasons to attain ones pleasure (183). He characterized morality to be something that should not be rated by anyone as this contains several meanings that are diverse and broad, especially if featured in line with sexual ethics.