Sexual Abuse Trauma

Sexual molester is a term used for the offender. This term represents any behavior executed by an adult in order to stimulate sexually either a child or an adult. The age of consent is a vital component in this kind of activity and if the victim is below this age than it is regarded as child sexual abuse. An analysis of child sexual abuse reveals that the victim of this act has a long term social and psychological impact. There are instances noticed both in the case of females as well as males where there was suicide being attempted, more chances of an alcoholic partner and even unhealthy relationship with a partner. The entire research study would not only aim towards identifying the various aspects which are associated with child sexual abuse but even its impact on adulthood would be thoroughly analyzed. On the other hand, different opinion of authors regarding the varying consequences of child sexual abuse both for females and males will be outlined in this study. In many cases it has been observed that people who possess developmental disabilities are sexual abuse victims (Dube, Anda, Whitfield, Brown, Felitti, Dong &amp. Giles, 2005, pp. 430-438). As per research, people who have disabilities are basically victimized as they lack understanding ability. The cases of child sexual abuse are rapidly increasing in the current scenario and psychology of an individual is linked with such an act.

As per Cage &amp. Rompa, Kalichman, Benotsch and Gore-Felton, (2004), sexual misconduct usually takes place when an individual utilizes position of authority so as to compel another person to forcefully engage in some kind of unwanted sexual activity. Sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace is due to an employee being involved in the sexual situation as one has fear of being dismissed. Even in the education field, there are many sexual harassment cases where students are sexually abused by teachers having an authority to give them a failing grade.