Sexual Abuse of Women in the Military

There are a number of sources of security that these women can make use of (George, 78).
One of the chief obligations of the government is to protect the military women. For a while now, women have been looked down upon. Today, things have changed. For a good number of past centuries, women have been seen as people who are not able to go through some training that men go through. Some of these pieces of training are those from the military angle. Whenever one would say that they want to join the military, they would be seen to be out of their minds. Today, things have highly changed. In the US, we have a good number of women who are in the military and doing very well. As a result of the stereotype that has been there, these women are not protected enough, and they are exposed to a number of threats. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to protect these women the way possible (Marcus, 29).
One of the major ways of protecting these women is by ensuring that there are funds that are allocated to finance any resource that they need to work with. There have been times when military women have not had the resources that they need to work and carry out their duties. One of these resources is effective guns as well as bulletproof vests. There have been cases where military women have been killed in a war because they lacked bulletproof vests. On the other hand, the supervision in command must give out rules on how the military men should protect military women during wars. There have been times when military men have actually taken advantage of the women even physically. The government should raise and put rules and regulations on how these women should be kept safe. This even extends to the places that the women have been allocated to stay. Some of these places contribute to the fact that women get molested. Some of these women are forced.