Satisfaction the Sexual Pleasures of Men in Homers Iliad the Role of Women in the Poem

Gods play a vital role in the epic as every action committed by the men is governed by the gods and they could not have accomplished any deed without their help. The role of Achilles is a good example. Thetis the mother of Achilles who is a goddess appeals to Zeus to favor her son in the battle against the Greeks. Zeus agrees, Achilles succumbs in the battle as he never fully realized the consequences of his wrong actions and everything that happened in Troy was the in accordance with the will of Zeus. This appears to be the case with Hector, the Trojan prince comrade Patroclus, while it actually was the work of the gods Apollo and Zeus. And it is only because the gods Apollo and Athena abandon and trick him. In all these instances the mortals are never aware of what will happen in response to their actions. They merely perform what they feel like which is actually what the gods what them too and face the consequences. This is because gods appear in disguise as in the form of Athena, the goddess, or also directly come to one’s rescue as in the case of Aphrodite who comes to the rescue of Paris. Gods also at times sent messages through natural happenings such as dreams, thunderstorms, or a flight of birds which have to be interpreted by the mortals. While these signals bring good tidings at times, they might also mislead the mortals. It is also important that mortals get the approval from the gods before they embark on any mission. These messages are not conveyed directly by the gods but through their messengers such as the priests.