Salvage of Endangered Species

Humans play a leading role in the extinction of other species found on the face of the earth. Man is to blame for wiping out various animals and plants in the wild. This is attributed to the fact that man’s actions often clash with the course of nature. In turn, man’s interests are not at par with the way things are in the natural world. Man in his actions is known to come up with his own inventions that have had a tremendous detrimental effect on nature, for example, toxic industrial products. The following is a vivid analysis of man’s actions in play as he brings nature almost down on its knees.
The dilemma that exists in man’s life is whether to give up on the gains from other creatures to avoid extinction or continue gaining at the cost of the almost extinct creatures. On the other hand, man can continue gaining from the creatures. concurrently, he can evaluate his ways to avoid the creatures from extinction. In the evaluation, man can exploit the creatures but at least provide a replacement of the same. In the case of plants, man can opt to plant others after using them.
Ethically, it is man’s responsibility to provide protection to other creatures instead of killing them. Man’s efforts to preserve nature’s creatures face many challenges. These challenges include the lack of adequate manpower to fight for the preservation of creatures against those who are after them.
If I were president, I would take the initiative to salvage endangered species by introducing a policy that prohibits people from utilizing, in any way, an endangered species, not unless one has a permit. Moreover, for one to get a permit, he or she has to provide a valid and credible purpose of the work and provide a way of preventing the extinction of the species. The tradeoff that I would make to enforce the policy is providing a permit for the use and exploitation of the species, as the man will always do the same, with or without a permit.