Safety management system

Safety Management Systems Human accidents are no doubt some of the safety concerns in any organization, especially those that deal with heavy and sophisticated machinery. Most of the accidents can be blamed on human error, but organizational dysfunction also plays a crucial role. In an effort to combat the hazards associated with human accidents, safety management systems have been adopted by organization to make safety of workers a priority.
A Safety Management System is a part of a management that deals with a set of work practices and procedures with the aim of monitoring and improving the safety during operations. The system is often developed to assist staff members to identify risky situations and to develop procedures to manage those risks. It also encourages operators to take responsibility for the safety of their operation and to ensure that all staff members are aware of their safety responsibilities.
Just like other management systems, safety management system works with clearly set goals and objectives, proper and advance planning, and performance evaluation. A safety management system is intertwined into organizational operations such that it becomes like the normal life of the staff members.
The four main components of safety management systems include the four Ps (4Ps):
Philosophy: an organization must define its philosophy regarding safety management. This could be recognition that there will always be threat to safety in an organization, and that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Policy: this specifies how safety is to be achieved by having clear statements of responsibilities, authority and accountability.
Procedure: this stipulates what the management wants to be done in order to ensure safety. This includes giving clear directions to staff members on safety drills.
Practices: this aspect of management stipulates what really happens on the job. The practice should be woven into the staff schedule that they find it as part of their daily life.
To ensure successful implementation of safety system, the management must have the competencies, commitments and cognizance, as far as safety management procedures are concerned.
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