Sabre Tech and the United States

Section 46312(a)(2) of the regulation makes it illegal to transport materials that are hazardous in a reckless manner. It is described in the FAA regulations, and it is among the components of the regulation. On the other hand, the company indicates that the count that it had been convicted to was not enacted under FAA. The regulations were found in a different statutory authority referred to as HMTA. The company stated that the statute only penalizes the violations of the regulations that were willful. Thus, the accusations against the company were not valid (Matthews and David 287).
The congress passed an amendment that indicated that it is illegal to knowingly deliver, order the delivery and also facilitate the transportation of explosives against the regulations of the Civil Aeronautics Board under Title VII in the act of the Civil Aeronautics. Thus in the case of the Sabre tech company the Civil Aeronautics Board was charged with the responsibility for the transportation of hazardous materials. The responsibility of the FAA to control the transportation of explosives was then transferred to the secretary of transportation. The state, therefore, has the power to regulate the transportation of explosives and also hazardous materials (Matthews and David 290).