Risk Management in Logistics Support Technology for the Automotive Industry

Kathleen DesMarteau (2005) recognizes the following key points as being a component of the risks and logistics management, which function as internal and external risks.
This project is to examine risk management in logistics technology as it relates to the business process of the automotive industry with the goal to produce a model for risk management. The project is descriptive in nature. It seeks to quantify the types of risks manufacturing management has experiences and models used to develop resolutions. This will be accomplished using experimental simulation models.
The topic of this research proposal is to explore risk management strategies and options for logistics support technology within the automotive industry. Risk management strategy is an important concept that allows a business operating within an industry to explore its research, development, and product release stages to reduce loss in operational and financial capacities. Logistics support technology is important for the automotive industry to maintain supply and meet demand. The automotive industry was chosen for this research proposal because it has multiple journals, magazines, corporate finance, and stock information as well as strategy easily available to the public.
Therefore, this research proposal has three main aims. The literature review will explore risk management, logistics support technology and the implications of these within the automotive industry. This will allow for a comprehensive look at the overall risk and product strategies employed by the automotive industry in general.
The research methodology will have the objective of narrowing risk management strategy based on major manufacturing facilities. This will include international, national, and corporate stakeholder risk management. The second objective of the research is to describe logistics support technology including financial and technological information (as cost and return on investment) based on the major manufacturer’s publicized information available from journals and corporate websites. The final objective of the research is to create a standardized model of risk management in logistics support technology using this information.