Richard Branson Leadership Style and Business Philosophy



The present research has identified that over the years the Virgin Group has always been famous for their focus on customer service. However, Branson’s theory asserts that their highest priority is in making their employees as comfortable as possible. The reasoning behind this theory is that when a company has happy and satisfied employees, the employees will be able to give their best in the production process. As a result, the products and services that are produced by such companies will be in accordance with the expectation of the customers. As a result, customers will be satisfied and will remain loyal to the brand. This implies that there will be higher profits, which simply mean that investors will also be highly rewarded for their investment. Despite the fact that the Virgin Group has businesses in various parts of the world, it is improper to refer to the Virgin Group as a multinational. This is because all their businesses operate separately with Branson serving as a major shareholder in all cases. He also acts as the chairman and public relations supremo in all cases. Branson believes in product departmentalization, which refers to dividing an organization into various departments depending on the kind of product or service that they produce. For the sake of flexibility and the highly changing business environment, Branson believes that business organizations can highly benefit from using organic structures. Their companies use various types of departmentalization such as geographic and customer departmentalization because of the independent nature of their companies. Richard Branson should consider more postmodern organizations. This is because globalization has led to a business environment where factors that affect the functioning of a business are more than just those that are dominant in the geographical area in which they operate. It gets to a moment that even the individual organizations will have to expand past their comfort zone for the sake of growth and competitiveness. However, it should also be noted that globalization leads to a situation where cultures are crossing borders. This is an implication that business organization needs to be more flexible so that they can be able to adapt to the changes that are brought about by the growth of globalization.