Report on Religious Field Research

People say that Islam is a religion of peace but the Muslims are (unfortunately) not spreading the correct message and meaning. That’s why the report of my religion research is based on the religion Islam.
The Arabian environment in which Islam had its roots was in contact with Hellenistic civilization. This generated in Islam a certain affinity with classical culture. Soon there came a translational activity bringing Islam and Greece together in a consciously creative act. The heritage of classical antiquity was revived with the aid of scholarly research. The result was a new outlook on life, giving Islam an intellectual direction that, owing to insufficient original preparedness, it would not have taken on its own. Thus was born what we call Islamic culture. Rosenthal (1965).
The reason for choosing this religion is that this religion is the most threatened and the most popular for the doing the odds. The scholars of Islam say that those are just handful of people spreading a bad name of the religion. it is not as it is being portrayed. It is a religion of love, peace and harmony. People in the name of Islam, are shedding blood, killing the innocent, destroying the homes, places and calling themselves most-powerful. I attended avirtual religious service. Let us review and figure out the misconceptions and the problems and what this religion actually is.
2.1 Terrorist Activities or Jihad: The most important aspect why this religion has a negative impact over other religions is the terrorist activities by individuals all around the world. The people who conduct such activities call themselves Muslims who are killing and shedding blood of others in the name of Islam (Jihad) but for the world it’s Terrorism. The most important part is Can Terrorism be compared to Jihad (The Holy War)?
Why does a